Meeting Minutes

JUNE 7, 2012

ATTENDEES: Paul Danik, Doug Wilford, Dale Fischer, John Born, Tom Worcester, Ollie Martin, Dolly Martin, Al Martin, Janet Martin, Ken Beck, Joe Novak, Bill Smith, Larry Maiers, Paul A. Busick, Jack Penton, Rob Thatcher, Alan Buehner, Jim Borer, Joan Borer, Chicago Jerry Grakauskas, Susie Page, Marjorie Born, Ryan Page, Loren Jordan, Barry Higgins,
Doug Born, Mark Born, Scott Brogan, Belinda Brogan, Mike Rosso and John Borer.

President Paul Danik called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m. Since there were many friends and family members of Al Born in attendance, we did a round of introductions.

Jack Penton read the minutes of the May 3rd meeting as recorded by Al Born. Bill Smith made the motion to accept the minutes as read. Jim Borer seconded the motion, and the minutes were approved. Dale Fischer gave the membership report as follows: for the month of May there were, 1 new member, 3 renewals. We currently have 436 active members. Alan Buehner gave the Treasurer's report. We received our 2012 end of year financial report from the accountant and a copy was presented to Paul Danik and for the secretary's records. . Alan Buehner gave the newsletter report. There were 470 copies of the newsletters printed up. Half of the current newsletter have been mailed out and copies were handed out to members in attendance at this meeting. He ran out of envelopes, more were purchased and are being printed. The remaining newsletters will be mailed out to the rest of the membership in a couple of days. Jim Borer is the member profile with a photo of him on his BMW on the front cover. There are articles covering the passing of Al Born and in particular, “The Way it Was” article was focused solely on Al Born and will be the last one for the newsletters. Al thanked “Chicago” Jerry for submitting his article on the Diamond Don event, and there is also an article on the Penton meeting at the National Packard Museum.

John Borer gave the e-bay report as follows: a set of 1970 ISDT original Trail Route Maps sold for $495, a Penton KTM N.O.S. 250Cc cylinder and head went for $400, a repainted Penton Berkshire steel gas tank sold for $306, a N.O.S. 1978 KTM seat sold for $225, Penton 35mm forks with triple clamp sold for $216.49, a white Visor Vu helmet visor with mirrors sold for $280.05, a vintage N.O.S. CEV 6 volt horn sold for $199.99, a repainted Penton Six Days steel fuel tank sold for $150, a new in the box KTM 250 MX toy model sold for $108.50, a used Penton 125 fiberglass gas tank sold for $99.99, a N.O.S. CEV taillight housing (without the lense cover) sold for $99.99, an original 1971 Penton US Trophy Team sticker sold for $56, a 1973 ISDT Olympics of Motorcycling book sold for $41.42, and lastly – a used white Buco helmet from the 50s/ 60s sold for $5,000.

Jerry Berky did not show up to give a Penton Racing Products update.

2012 Vintage Motorcycle Days – The package of admission tickets that were ordered did not arrive. Paul Danik will mail the tickets out when they arrive. There will not be a July meeting prior to the event since the first Thursday of July is the 5th, the day after the 4th of July. There are currently no plans for the display at Mid-Ohio. Paul will be in contact with officers of the POG to come up with some ideas and implement them prior to the event.

Field Trips – Jack and John Penton are going to an upcoming KTM Dealer Meeting on June 24-26 in Hangtown, Ca. They will be meeting with Dave Duarte while there. Jack was on “Motorcyclist Radio” show in CA – where he talked about the ISDT events and Penton motorcycle. Art Buscick and his wife Coleen went to a bed-n-breakfast in SC. The proprietor was a Penton owner and his father has 2 Wassel Pentons. He had a good time reminiscing with him. Art also went to the Wright Patterson Museum in Dayton, OH and enjoyed looking at all the vintage planes on display. “Chicago” Jerry talked about the Unidilla event held this past weekend. Jerry put up the arrows for the 4 mile cross country course. Larry Maiers dite announcing for the event, and it was a good event with 600to 700 participants. Larry said that the Unidilla event was the classiest event he has been to. Jack Penton went to a National Dual Sport event two weeks ago and he mentioned that there were several people that came up to him and talk about their Penton motorcycles.

Old Business – there was none to report.

New Business – A motion was made by John Borer to have 1,000 new membership decal printed up (cost would be around $400). Jack Penton seconded the motion and everyone voted in favor. Todd Huffman is looking for donations to finish his John Penton documentary. The donations are being advertised and handled by Kickstart. Mike Rosso showed the web site and video on the projection screen for everyone to see. A motion was made by Scott Brogan to have the POG make a pledge of $1,000 to this project. James Borer seconded the motion. A discussion was held about how this funding works. Everyone voted in favor of the motion. Paul Danik will make the pledge on his credit card and will be reimbursed.

With there being not further new business, the business part of the meeting was adjourned. John Born brought in a slide show of photos of Al Born. These were shown at Al's wake at the Church. After the slide were shown, many funny and wonderful stories were shared about Al Born.  The meeting ended at 9:06 p.m. The next meeting will be on Saturday July 21st at Mid-Ohio.

Alan Buehner, acting Secretary of POG

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