Meeting Minutes

NOVEMBER 1, 2012

ATTENDEES: Jeff Borer, Jake Fischer, Rob Thatcher, Dale Fischer, Scott Brogan, Chris Grakauskas, Doug Wilford, Rick Hoover, Tom Worcester, Jerry Birky, Paul A Busick, John A Penton, Dick Mankamyer, Bill Smith, Matt Weisman, Al Martin, Alan Buehner, John Borer, Conrad Pfeifer, Ollie Martin, Barbara Weisman, Paul Danik, Jim Borer, Joan Borer, and “Chicago” Jerry Grakauskas.

The meeting was called to order by President Paul Danik at 7:09. The previous meeting's minutes were read by Jeff Borer. Rick Hoover was introduced, telling of plans to try to beat a speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats on a Triumph 250cc. He also told of his bike collection. A note from Jeff Greenberg sad that Don Nags had passed away. Alan Buehner motioned the minutes be accepted, Ollie Martin seconded and all voted in favor.

Membership report: Dale Fischer stated that there was one new member this month and 16 renewals, of which 11 were one year, 4 two year and 1 five year. At this time we have 452 active members with 18 due to expire to which Dale sent emails with membership forms attached.

Treasurer's Report Al Buehner

Newsletter Report: Al Buehner stated that the Newsletter will be out by the end of the month . Any articles should be submitted to Al by 20 November.

Website Report: Bill Smith said the the website is doing well. He has received over 200 Steel Tank questionnaires and has them all arranged numerically in binders. An odd discovery is that there are more early bikes registered than newer. From these questionnaires, the Steel Tanker “book” will come. The new concept is that it will be online so it can be revised as new information is discovered or revelations come to light. Paul commended Bill for all his efforts.

E-bay report: John Borer's report included a restored '72 Jackpiner, which sold for $2395.00, a '74 Mint 400 went for $2276.00 and a Six Days 125cc sold for $599.00. A '75 Mint 400 engine project went for 399.95. A '71 Ceriani fork tubes and wheel assembly sold for $249.99.An Akront Green Label Penton 250 front wheel went for $111.50. A pair of 1970 foot pegs sold for $91.03. A NOS ULO tail light kit sold $66.00. An original 1973 ISDT bumper sticker sold for $45.00. A 1970 Husqvarna purported to be John Penton's did not meet reserve.

IX Show: Plans are pending for show as what bikes to show etc.

Dane Leimbach Memorial Hare Scramble Review: The club had the EZ Up along with numerous Pentons including “Number 1” displayed. in honor of Dane. Jack handled the dedication of a natural stone monument which is placed next to Rod Bush's. Mr. Penton and Dane's family were also there. Jerry Birky rode and said it was quite muddy as it was rainy that day.

ISDT Reunion Review: This was the first ISDT Reunion without Dane for Mr Penton and Jack. Art Busick went along this trip, stopping at Guy Cooper's Ranch. They said he was a cordial host with a vast array of bicycles, motorcycles and parts. A rt told of how they had run out of gas along the way, but had a gas can in reserve. The temperature ranged from 28 to 50 degrees. “Chicago” Jerry won the John Penton Silver Vase Award for all his contributions to the sport. The 2013 ISDT will be in Massachusetts again for its 40th anniversary. Jake Fischer had tried to make a deal to buy the Husqvarnas used in 1973 to no avail.

Field Trips: Scott Brogan, Alan Buehner and Jeff Borer attended the Barber Vintage Festival in Alabama. The weather and facilities were beautiful and everything was first class. The museum was filled with almost any motorcycle one could think of and he swap meet area was clean and organized. Many people stopped at our booth either to see what a Penton was or just to reminisce.

Old Business: Todd Huffman of Motocross Files is relaunching the John Penton film project on the Kickstart movie site with a new teaser. It will run on Kickstart for 60 days with a pared down budget.

New Business: Al Buehner stated that he would like help with converting the tech articles to digital form.
Jack Penton said that Vintage Motorcycle Days will be on 12, 13, 14 of July 2013 as to not interfere with the AMCA Wauseon meet. The numbering system will be updated, though the physical spots will remain the same. Jerry Birky had to cancel the Pig Roast At Mr. Penton's farm due to all the rain. December's meeting is family night, January is a normal meeting, while February's is canceled due to the IX Center show. The March meeting date is special as the 7th is the arrival date of the first shipment of the PENTON motorcycle! The meeting was adjourned at 8:52 . The next meeting will be held at the KTM building , Amherst, OH December 6 at 7:00pm.

Jeff Borer, Secretary of POG

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