Meeting Minutes

OCTOBER 4, 2012

ATTENDEES: Jeff Borer, Janet Martin, Bud Green, Paul Busick, Jerry Birky, Barb Weisman, John Borer, Paul Danik, Al Martin, John Penton, Joan Borer, Mike Rosso, Matt Weisman, Pat Holbrook, Scott Brogan, Ollie Martin, Bill Smith, James Borer, Chicago Jerry Grakauskas, Dale Fisher, John Born, Doug Wilford, Alan Buehner and Jack Penton.

The meeting was called to order by President Paul Danik at 7:15. The meeting's minutes were read by Jeff Borer. A correction was noted that a Penton purchased by Chicago Jerry was a 175cc not a 250cc. Al Buehner motioned that the minutes be accepted as amended. Jim Borer seconded the motioned and all voted in favor. Paul read a note that Reg Rader( a former Penton dealer) had passed away and that a card should be sent to his widow.

Membership Report: Dale Fisher stated that there were no new members in September, but 36 renewals; including 24 one year, 8 two year, 1 three year and even 3 five year.

Treasurer's Report: Alan Buehner

Newsletter Report: Alan Buehner related that he is moving along with the member profile of Bob Anderson. Ted Del Solar sent in an article about the Colorado 500. Articles about the history of Amherst Meadowlarks by Dane Leimbach, the Barber Vintage Motorcycle Show and the ISDT Reunion Ride will also be included. The deadline for article submission is 20 November 2012.

Website Report: Bill was asked what could be done for Karen as she does so much for the POG website. Paul inquired about the possibility of an interactive serial number list. Alan Buehner asked about putting tech tips on site.

Ebay Report: John Borer told of the following ebay sales. A 1968 KTM Comet airbox assembly sold for $299.00, a 35mm Ceriani fork assembly sold for $281.99, an original US Trophy Team 48th ISDT poster sold for
$111.50, a '73 Penton 250 triple clamp sold for $99.99, a '72 Jackpiner kickstarter also sold for $99.99, a '70s Hi Point poster sold for $82.00 and a pair of 1976 Hi Point new in box boots had a by it now price of $490.00.

Penton Future Events: International Motorcycle Show. Discussed having John and Jack Penton conduct 2 or 3 seminars during the show. Dane Leimbach Memorial Hare Scramble. On 20 October at Amherst Meadowlarks Club-grounds POG plans to set up the easy up and bikes in honor of the memory of Dane. His commemorative t-shirt will also be available. Our contact is Bob Albrecht.

Field Trips: Chicago Jerry went to Easy Jim's race stating it was a good event and every one was well fed with sliced beef and catfish. Jack Penton and Art Busick attended the CC dual sport ride in Logan, Ohio I consisted of a 70 mile loop plus
a 20 mile difficult loop. The weather was perfect, but a little excitement occurred when a property owner removed some arrows. Jack said it was a fun run. Jeff Borer told of his trip to Watkins Glen Racecourse for their Vintage Gran Prix. where he displayed a Penton and a NSU.

Old Business: Barber Trip. Al Buehner, Jeff Borer, and Scott Brogan are making the trip to the Barber Vintage Motorcycle meet in Alabama, taking the easy up, t-shirts and books to extend Penton information to a new venue.

New Business: The continuation of the AHRMA CC Series sponsorship and the possibility of after 4 years, going in a different direction and letting a someone else have the chance to be a sponsor was discussed. Chicago Jerry mentioned that Penton Racing Products was just that entity and on behalf of AHRMA thanked them. A motion was called to relinquish sponsorship of the AHRMA CC Series by Jack Penton, seconded by Scot Brogan, a vote took place and it passed unanimously. Jack Penton mentioned that POG should begin a fund raising campaign to put a sign wrap on the POG trailer. Chicago Jerry suggested a Toledo based company familiar with the motorcycle industry. Paul Danik spoke with Margie Born, Al's wife, saying she's moving back to W. Virginia to her childhood home, and expressed her appreciation to the POG. Paul Danik had a lot of photos of John Born's dad scanned and put on CD for the club. He also asked for help IDing them. Jerry Birky of Penton Racing Products invited all to a Pig Roast at John Penton's farm Saturday 3 November from 10AM to 10PM.

Jeff Borer, Secretary of POG

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