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ATTENDEES: James Borer, Joan Borer, Walter Smith, Paul A. Busick, John Penton, Doug Wilford, Rob Thatcher, Ollie Martin, Al Martin, Jeff Borer, John Born, Jerry Birky, Dale Fisher, Scott Brogan, Chicago Jerry Grakauskas, Paul Danik, Alan Buehner and John Borer.

President Paul Danik called the meeting to order at 7:15 pm. Scott Brogan read the minutes of the August meeting. The following corrections were noted: John Borer gave the e-bay report. Under VMD in review, John Borer discovered someone in the swap meet selling tires. Gene Cannady passed away. Jim Borer motioned that the minutes be accepted with the corrections. Ollie Martin seconded the motion and everyone voted in favor. Paul Danik talked about the need for someone to take over the duties of Secretary. Jeff Borer volunteered to take on those duties. Alan Buehner motioned that Jeff Borer be voted in as a Trustee of the POG. Scott Brogan seconded and everyone voted in favor. Jeff was welcomed to the board and will take over the duties of Secretary at the next meeting. There was a short discussion with John Penton on his experiences on the ups and downs with memberships and officers with the CRA and Meadowlarks.

Dale Fisher gave the membership report. We had 3 new members and 7 renewals for the month of August. We currently have 451 active members.

Alan Buehner gave the treasure's report. Scott Brogan said that he has been getting T-shirt orders.

Newsletter Report Alan reported that the newsletters were mailed yesterday. Copies of the newsletter were distributed to those in attendance at the meeting to save money on postage. There was no member profile in the current issue, it will be in the next issue. A new POG decal was included with the mailing of the newsletter. Alan thanked Chicago Jerry, and Conrad Pfiefer for writing articles for the current newsletter. John Born brought a collection of photos for the POG to look at, organize, and put on a CD for the use of the POG in the future. Paul Danik accepted the photos and will take them home to work on them.

Website Report- Bill Smith was unable to attend the meeting, so there was no report.

International Motorcycle Show Paul said that he received and invitation for the POG to set up at the I-X Center in Cleveland again on January 25-27, 2013. All vintage clubs are covered under the Show's insurance. Paul talked to them about the POG doing a seminar each day at the show about the Penton history and story. Paul would like to have one or two of Al Born's motorcycles at the display. Paul will be filling out and signing the paperwork for the show.

POG Future Events Next year is the 45th anniversary of the Penton. A discussion was held about having a Homecoming event in August next year in Amherst to celebrate. It will be a simple scaled down event. The Ohio Valley BSA spring rally participation of the POG at this event will be presented at the next meeting. Scott Brogan talked about the Barber Festival being held on Oct. 14-16. Alan and Jeff will be going with him to the event to set up a POG display in the space he has reserved in the swap meet area. They will take some bikes and the POG e-z up and sell books and t-shirts. John Borer made a motion that the POG pay for the cost of the display space. John Penton seconded and everyone voted in favor.

E-Bay Report John Borer reported the following transactions: A Hi-Point alloy gas tank sold for $400 / a 1974 -5 Penton 250 sold for $1,825 / an early steel tanker large bullet headlight had 5 bids for $249 / a Preston Petty white head light had 14 bids for $227.50 / A used white Penton MX fiberglass gas tank sold at $195 / a 1972-3 Penton 175 original Service Manual sold for $73 / a Tom Penton vintage post card sold for $26 / a complete 48th ISDT press kit sold for $71 / and an ISDT gold medal from Poland sold for $316.11.

Field Trips Jeff Borer set up his NSU bikes at the Amherst Historical Society event. He will also be taking 2 German bikes to an event at Watkins Glenn this weekend.

Old Business Paul read a letter dated April 13th from the AMA Museum thanking us for our donation which brought us up to their sponsor level. A small Sponsor level recognition walnut plaque was sent to us by them for our continued support.

New Business Chicago Jerry recently purchased a 74 Penton 250 that was advertised as a WWII Penton dirt bike on Craigs List. There was a posting on the POG message board suggesting the idea of there being a Dane Leimbach award for the lightweight class in the AHRMA Cross Country series. Chicago Jerry will look into having this put on the agenda at the next AHRMA board meeting following the Barber Festival.

The Bad Rock video was shown. It was filmed in 1973 by Peter Starr and there are many undisclosed Penton riders in it. Paul Danik mentioned that Doug Wilford was the overall winner of that event in 1972. Popcorn was served and everyone enjoyed watching it.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:49 pm. The next POG meeting will be held at KTM in Amherst, Ohio on Thursday October 4th.

Alan Buehner, acting Secretary of POG

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