Meeting Minutes

JANUARY 3, 2013

ATTENDEES: Jeff Borer, Joan Borer, Jerry Birky, Bud Green, Tom Worcester, Scott Brogan, Alan Buehner, Jim Borer, Larry Maiers, Bill Smith, Jeff Kihorny, Paul Danik, John Borer, Rob Thatcher, John Penton, Joe Novak, Dale Fisher and “Chicago Jerry” Grakauskas.

The meeting was called to order by President Paul Danik at 7:12 PM. The previous meeting's minutes were read by Secretary Jeff Borer. Joe Novak mentioned the next meeting month was incorrect. Bill Smith motioned to amend and accept the minutes, and Jim Borer seconded and all voted in favor. A round of applause was given for Secretary Jeff Borer his efforts.

Membership report: Dale Fischer stated that there was 2 new members added, with 31 renewals. There was 23 one year, 4 two year, 1 three year and 3 five year renewals. At this time there 443 active members.

Treasurer's Report: Al Buehner

Newsletter Report: Al did not have a report for the newsletter this month.

Website Report: Bill Smith said the website was very active this month, also selling more DVDs. He stated that the Steel Tank questionnaires are still coming in. More copies of Keeping Track were given to Bill for the website, and Don Roth helped reconstruct some of the missing parts. Photos from the first VMD POG were involved and were also given to Bill. On a side note he said an episode of American Restoration “restored” a high wheel bicycle. Members of the Bill's bicycle club were against how incorrect the bike was.

E-bay report: John Borer's report included a restored Jackpiner tank signed by John Penton,documented in photos, sold for $325, a John Penton signed painter's cap went for $66.66, a Steel Tank exhaust sold for $61.22, a bare head light bucket sold for $75.00, a NOS Wassel tank sold for $291.11, an original ISDE Official's vest went for $ 21.07, a vintage Hi Point poster sold for $101.51, and a Webco vintage dual spark plug holder went for an amazing $ 125.00!

IX Show: The underlying theme of the display will be modified bikes either to make off road worthy or just to individualize each person's bike. Al Born's highly modified Honda 90 will be compared to Dale Barris' stock bike. John Penton's NSU Maxi, the MaxPiner. George Bliss' BMW R50 and 125cc Steel Tanker, both of which greatly diverged from stock will also be shown. Tom Worcester and Jeff Kihorny's barn finds are to be displayed. More bikes will be added towards the date of the show. Al Buehner brought 25% discount coupons for the show.

Field Trips: None this month

Old Business:None this month

New Business: Discussion of swap meet space for vintage Days began and will be picked up in March. Jill Robison invited POG this year to the Unadilla MX Rewind to set up a tent. The swap meet should be better this year was stated. Chicago Jerry's AHMRA news told of many venues including a former Jeep school in Windover, Ohio near Ravenna on 27,28 May 2013 which is Memorial Day weekend. The York Swap Meet will be 20 January 2013.

John Penton and Bud Green were asked about the blue oval KTM sticker on early steel tankers. Mr. Penton stated they just removed them. He also discussed color schemes of the bikes, blue for ISDT was factory painted that way. Normal bikes in Europe were sold with US colors, although bikes to Italy were not tied to specific colors.

During the meeting, the members were treated to a conference call from Todd Huffman, the man behind the future John Penton documentary. He was ecstatic on how close to the goal on Kickstarter the movie was. Todd said he would be coming to Ohio soon to meet with people for stories for the movie. All the members gave him a round of applause for this important undertaking.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:35PM and the next will be held thew KTM building, Amherst, Ohio 7 March 2013 at 7:00.

Jeff Borer, POG Secretary

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