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Select the objects to download. If you select an album, all items in the album are included. A ZIP file will be created that contains your objects. If you choose a large number of items, please be patient while the ZIP file is built.

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John Penton

Donna Penton

Cardboard "John"

Paul Danik

Doug Wilford

Al Buehner

Al Born, Tom Penton, Jack Penton, Jeff Penton

Joe Barker, Bob Wardlow

John Penton, Richard Sanders

Cardboard "John", Barb Weisman

Kent Knudson, Papa Herb, Gary Roach, Tony Roach

Ron Carbaugh, Kip Kern, Bob Wardlow

Bev & Greg Troyan

Cardboard "John", Scott Brogan

Tom Penton, Billy Uhl

John Borer

Dave Mungenast

Malcolm Smith

Billy Uhl

Ron Carbaugh, Dane Leimbach

Dwight Rudder

Carl Cranke

Paul & Chad Danik

Doug Wilford

Ted Del Solar

Mark Annan

Helmut Clasen

Toni Roach

Mike O'Reilly

Ed Youngblood

Al Born

Kent Knudson

Larry Bastedo

Bob Wardlow

Mark Medurski

John Penton

Jack Penton

Connie & Ted Del Solar

Doug Wilford

Tom Penton

Jeff Penton

Doug Wilford, John Penton, Jim & John Borer

Dick Burelson

Ted & Rosemary Landers

Bob Wardlow

Greg Troyan, Kevin Brown, Kent Knudson, Ted Landers, Dave Withrow, Mark Schmidt

Mike O'Reilly

Kevin Brown, Kent Knudson, Gary Roach, Robbie Jenks, James Giddings

John Borer, Bob Wardlow

Paul Danik, Al Buehner, John Penton, Pat Mickevicius

Mike & Marianne O'Reilly

Kip Kern

Barry Higgins, Kevin Brown, Jim Pomeroy

Ted Landers

Paul Danik, Ed Youngblood

Helmut "Speedy" Clasen, Dave Mungenast

W.P. Laughlin, Rod "Rocket" Gorzny

Paul Danik, John Penton, Larry Perkins, Al Buehner

Dick Mann

Karl Schneider

Pat Leimbach

Dale Buehner

Paul Danik

Bill Smith

Karen Turner

Doug Wilford

Tom McKaskle, Lynn Camp, Paul Danik

Jeff Borer

Paul Busick

Matt Weisman, Cardboard "John", Barb Weisman

Randy Kirkbride, John Penton

John Durrill

Peter Durrill

Bob McCullough, John Penton, Dave McCullough

Bob McCullough,Nelson McCullough, Dave McCullough

Webmasters Bill Smith and Karen Turner

Pat & Bud Green